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About Us

Learn about ROHO® Shape Fitting Technology® and how our products work.

It’s only air, but it’s what we do with it that makes a world of difference…

Shape Fitting Technology is a system of soft, flexible air cells interconnected by small channels that allows air to flow from one cell to another at a controlled rate. This is what sets ROHO Shape Fitting Technology apart from the others; the ability to protect the body from multiple forces – pressure, friction, shear, shock, and vibration – and maintain the same level of comfort and protection indefinitely.

ROHO products all have something in common - a valve that allows you to adjust the amount of air it holds. This valve lets you customize the product to your specifications and achieve your precise level of comfort. It is designed to perfectly match your shape and contour, redistributing your body weight to minimize pressure "hot spots."

The pressure mapping photos below illustrate the difference between a conventional cushion and one using Shape Fitting Technology. Red and yellow areas in the first photo highlight uncomfortable pressure points. However the second photo shows how the ROHO cushion redistributes the pressure over the entire surface area, allowing for better blood circulation and ultimately more comfort.

For over 33 years this medically-proven technology has improved the quality of life by providing comfort and protection, whether in a wheelchair, motorcycle, or the cab of a big rig.

ROHO takes shape…

The ROHO Group, Inc. was built on the simple genius of Shape Fitting Technology, first with wheelchair cushions, then hospital mattresses. Later we realized that there are a lot of people who have to sit all day, such as truck drivers and motorcycle riders, and ROHO products hit the road. We added a line of consumer pillows along the way, all using the same adjustable air technology as our medical products. In 2004 we created an ecommerce site in order to bring these products to the public. Now everyone can experience life on a ROHO.

Our products include:

Shape Fitting Technology has also been used in:

  • Formula One Racecars as protection and cushioning for drivers
  • Several major motion pictures, including "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Unbreakable"
  • Oscar-nominated actor Ewan McGregor’s motorcycle journey documentary, "Long Way Round". McGregor rode on the AIRHAWK motorcycle cushion.
  • Rescue efforts for the transfer of an Orca Whale

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