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AIRHAWK Pro Truck Cushion FAQs

What specific type of truck driver is the AIRHAWK seating system designed for?
The AIRHAWK Pro seating system is designed for all drivers who sit long hours in their trucks. Even with drivers who are in and out of their trucks all day, the AIRHAWK Pro seating system can provide a more stable seating environment and absorb additional shock and vibration.

If I have an air ride seat do I need an AIRHAWK Pro seating system?
An air ride seat will absorb road and truck vibration, but does not have the ability to distribute weight and pressure like the AIRHAWK Pro seating system. Over time, blood flow is still restricted sitting on any foam base seat with or without the air ride system.

Will the AIRHAWK Pro seating system help specific medical problems?
Because of its pressure distribution qualities, the AIRHAWK Pro seating system has been very effective in reducing discomfort from sciatic nerve problems, hemorrhoids, etc.

Is the seating system warmer to sit on?
Sitting on the AIRHAWK Pro seating system will not be any warmer than on your regular seat, although with enhanced blood flow, you may experience a slightly warmer sensation.

What is the ISOFLO Memory Control® Unit and how does it work?
Only the AIRHAWK Pro model features the unique and patent pending ISOFLO Memory Control which offers shape fitting capabilities while the driver is seated, allowing quick and easy on-demand adjustment. It gives the user an extra level of customization, allowing certain areas of the cushion to have more of less air in the cells than in other sections. For example, if a driver had leg numbness, they could push down on the front 2 rows of cells on the cushion and "lock" the air out. This would relieve pressure on the backs of their legs, promoting even more blood flow, while still keeping them comfortable on their seat.

What sizes are available in the AIRHAWK Pro seating system?
There are two sizes available - 19"x 19" and 22" x 22". The 19" x 19" fits 95% of truck seats; the 22" x 22" supports those who have installed a larger custom seat. Both seating systems are priced the same.

Where is the seating system made?
All products are assembled in Belleville, Illinois U.S.A. Most products are made in the U.S.A. Some cushion covers are made in China.

How do you adjust and change the air pressure?
The AIRHAWK Pro seating system comes with a small portable hand air pump that allows you to fill the seating system with air. To inflate the AIRHAWK Pro seating system to optimal firmness, sit on the seating system and open up the valve and allow yourself to sink down into the seating system as far as possible without bottoming out on the seat. Properly inflated you should only be off your existing seat about 0.5". Each seating system comes with detailed pictoral instructions.
Detailed Adjustment Instructions

What is the best inflation level for the AIRHAWK Pro seating system?
Contrary to intuition, a small amount of air will provided optimal comfort. The seating system will appear almost flat when inflated properly.

How high does the seating system raise you off of your existing seat?
When properly immersed in the seating system, the driver will sit 0.5" or less above the existing seat.

After you adjust the seating system for the first time, can you leave it as is?
Initially, it is best to experiment with different inflation amounts to determine where the seating system feels best for you.

Why does it cost more than other seating systems?
ROHO DRY FLOTATION® technology has been patented and proven in the medical industry since 1973. The AIRHAWK Pro seating system is a quality product using the same air technology as our medical seating system, allowing it to last longer than foam or gel seating systems that can compress over time. The AIRHAWK Pro seating system also has a full two-year warranty from any defects in materials and workmanship. When compared to the price of a replacement seat, the AIRHAWK Pro seating system is the best value in comfort for the long term.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Test ride any AIRHAWK Pro for 60 days. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with its incomparable comfort and performance, simply return it for a full refund. With a guarantee like this, you can't lose.

What is the warranty?
The AIRHAWK Pro neoprene cushion carries a 2-year limited warranty on workmanship and a 6-month limited warranty on the cover.
More Warranty Info

How is it attached/secured to the seat?
The seating system has a non-skid polyester and vinyl base. This feature keeps the seating system from moving when a driver gets in and out of the seat.

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